Family Caregivers

Connect with Boomer daughters & sons via the Internet

Did you know:

  • thirty-nine percent of all Internet users say they used the Web to help someone with a serious illness. [1]
  • finding information about local services is the number one challenge reported by family caregivers? [2]
  • one out of three family caregivers going online say the Internet helped them find professional services? [3]

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Boomer daughters and sons are the most likely “e-caregivers” as they search for information to help a parent or grandparent. [1]

According to the Pew Internet and American Life demographics study, as of December 2010, 76% of persons age 50-64 go online, while a 46% of seniors also report using the Web. [4] With senior-friendly design and evidence-based content, we help you reach your customers by meeting the education and referral needs of the family caregiver, and the professionals who serve them.

Educational websites provide 60+ pages of information, resulting in more than 6000 unique words that can draw family caregivers to your site. We do the writing and updating. You offer a free community education service and position yourselves as the local company that cares about family caregivers.

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