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Internet marketing made easy!

As elder care professionals, you have a tough job.

Whether you are engaged in hospice marketinghome care marketing, or in charge of home health marketing, or marketing care management, you have to reach a customer base that truthfully hopes they will never need your services. That’s a lot of resistance to overcome! And that doesn’t include all the misconceptions about what you do and how you differ from other providers—and your competitors.

The Internet allows you the opportunity to reach family caregivers through content marketing and the back door of community education. Using strategic Internet marketing tools, you can cost-effectively provide families with the education and referral information they are seeking, while at the same time promote your name and services.

See how one client even got TV news coverage for her educational website:

Network with your professional referrers using Internet toolsDischarge planners and social workers need online tools and information. Physician referrers to hospice also value online resources that save them time. At Elder Pages Online, we give you the tools you need to stand out from your competitors.

Harness the power of the Internet with these online services:

  • A monthly e-newsletter branded with your name, logo, and colors. Keep your organization top-of-mind by once a month putting your brand in the email inbox of your referrers and potential clients.
  • An educational “e-library” for hospices. Our template of 60+ pages offers education and referral information for families caring for a seriously ill relative. You receive an area exclusive at seriousillness.org/[yourcommunity].
  • A chronic care e-library for geriatric care managers, home care, and home health. Reach families struggling with issues of elder independence, plus network with referrers and highlight your ability to support families and reduce hospital readmissions. You receive an area exclusive at elderpages.com/[yourcommunity].

Designed as a companion to your company website, these online services give you a much broader reach than your business site can offer on its own. (Your company website is a fine online yellow pages ad, but it does not have the reach that educational materials provide.)

We make Internet marketing easy! We do the writing and handle the technology. You add local content if/when you wish. Plus:

  • You receive an area exclusive
  • None of your local competitors can license our e-newsletter and e-library resources

Give us a call at 707-477-0700 (Pacific) or email us at info@elderpagesonline.com.

Put your brand on a monthly e-newsletter for families!