Be the hospice doctors notice most

Increasing physician referrals is key to hospice marketing. With our Internet tools, you can distinguish yourselves with your superior commitment to both family and professional education.

Plus, with an area exclusive, you become the go-to resource for physicians by providing:

  • Links to online resources for professional development. Take advantage of our research background. We scan the Internet and provide links to online resources of interest to physicians, including Internet and self-study CMEs, clinical practice guidelines, and periodic summaries of the caregiving and palliative care literature. Encourage them to bookmark the page and position yourselves as the evidence-based organization.
  • Secure, online referral forms. Sometimes it’s the easiest organization to work with that gets the referral. It doesn’t get much easier than “bookmark this site”. No more being put on hold or waiting at the fax machine. Area physicians and their staff can simply point and click to get you the referral.
  • On-demand patient/family education and referral information. We even give you a form developed by physician office managers. Now it’s easy for the doctor to circle the article on “Hope” and ask the staff to also print out the page on transportation resources. The doctors get state-of-the-art information available with the click of a mouse. Plus they help you to spread your brand with every page they print.
  • Brochures to give their patients. Physicians are often hesitant to put a hospice brochure on the counter, but they are happy to put out a brochure about a free, online resource for family caregivers. Help them help you spread the word. This is viral marketing at its best.

Every page that they see and print has your name and logo on it.

Below is an email from an Outreach Director who used his educational website to gain referrals, and new respect from a local doctor:

“Yesterday I had the privilege of giving Dr. Seeley and his nurse Carol a quick tour of our website. His response was: 

‘Wow, this is amazing. This is so much more than just about Horizon Hospice, isn’t it? You folks have really developed an in-depth resource for any of us dealing with end-of-life care, haven’t you? I’m going to put this website into my Favorites and spend a lot more time in here as soon as I can. This is really something!’

And, about two minutes later, he handed me a referral (which looks like it will become an admission today.)”

Want more physician referrals? Let us show you how you can leverage the Internet to distinguish your brand and put you top-of-mind.

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