E-Newsletters for Family Caregivers

E-Newsletters for Family Caregivers

We do the writing & handle the technology
You reap the benefits

E-Newsletters are the perfect marriage of marketing and community education. How else can you deliver your brand to prospective clients once a month? And at their invitation!

Put your brand on our monthly e-newsletter to:

  • Build brand loyalty
  • Reach out to family caregivers
  • Distinguish yourselves from your competition

Now you can reach families earlier and stay in touch on a regular basis. The focus of the e-newsletter is on general elder care issues, primarily in the chronic care phase. Our articles are written to the 8th grade level, yet the content is grounded in family caregiver research.

E-newsletters are the ideal outreach tool for hospice, home care, home health, and care managers.

You receive an area exclusive
None of your local competitors can license this service

Cultivate relationships and a strong local presence as THE informed company that really knows and supports family caregivers. Give free subscriptions to families. Give free subscriptions to the professionals who refer to you.

How it works


  • Are quick and inexpensive
  • Allow for frequent exposure
  • Provide links to action (e.g., request more information)
  • Generate reports for easy evaluation of success

You receive a webpage branded with your name, logo, colors, and contact information. You also receive interactive features that prompt viewers to contact you.

You receive three educational articles each month. (Check out our archive of past issues). If you have the time and inclination, with our simple content management system you can also add your own articles, announce a presentation, promote a fund-raiser, or comment on a topic of community concern.

Don’t have time? Don’t worry. The e-newsletter can virtually auto-pilot. The articles are designed to stand on their own, giving you fresh, topical content without lifting a finger. Once a month, we send an email announcement to your subscribers with teasers and links to the new issue. Imagine distributing a monthly publication, effortlessly.

Worried you don’t have enough contacts? You may be surprised how many email addresses you already have. We help you build your list through key internal stakeholders dedicated to your success. We provide you with a draft email requesting them to forward the e-newsletter to friends and colleagues who might be interested. Harnessing the “viral marketing” capability of the Internet, you can grow your list very quickly!

You can also put links to your e-newsletter on your website; include links in staff email footers; and invite your website visitors to subscribe online. Plus, you can pass around a signup sheet at community presentations, caregiver support groups, etc.

With a monthly e-newsletter, we make it easy for you to connect with family caregivers and build a relationship. As part of the service, you receive a private account at Constant Contact, allowing several of your departments to use e-marketing to connect with discharge planners, donors, volunteers, etc.

More than three quarters of American adults (79%) access the Internet, and 91% of them use email. If you have yet to avail yourself of the benefits of e-marketing, let us make it easy.

  • We do the writing
  • We handle the technology
  • You reap the rewards

Call us today: 707-477-0700 (Pacific time) or email us at info@elderpagesonline.com

Promoting your services with an e-newsletter

While you can market your e-newsletter solely with links from your company site, you will get so much more traffic, and really more bang for your buck, if you develop an integrated campaign that promotes your online resources across several media. (Our clients who actively market their resources—for example, trifold brochures for discharge packets, monthly flyers for their professional referrers, presentations to the general public—typically average 3-4 times more visits per month than clients who passively post their web resources online and do not engage in active promotions.)

The educational nature of your online resources gives you a distinct advantage. Physicians, discharge planners, churches, the media—all are much more willing to pass along information about a useful tool for families than they are to promote your commercial services. Plus your educational resources allow you to reach viewers who would not ordinarily go to your business website.

Depending on your services, and how actively or passively you wish to promote them, you can chose from several different campaigns and web addresses for your online resources. And because you receive an area exclusive, none of your local competitors can use these campaigns:

  • Active marketing for hospice.
    “Caring for someone who is seriously ill? We can help.
    Go to www.seriousillness.org/[yourcommunity].”

    Many hospice-appropriate families are willing to admit Mom has a serious illness before they are willing to think in terms of hospice. By emphasizing serious illness, you can attract viewers who would not otherwise go to your business website. As a further boost, in addition to the e-newsletter and expanded networking resources, we also offer hospices an e-library of educational articles focusing on issues pertinent to advanced illness: medical concerns, emotional-spiritual issues, and important legal/financial decisions. A campaign at seriousillness.org allows you to reposition yourselves in the public eye from the experts in death-and-dying to the experts in family caregiving and serious illness.
  • Active marketing for home care services.
    “Concerned about the safety of an aging parent? We can help.
    Go to www.AgingWellYourCommunity.com

    Speak to the issue that is at the crux of care management and home care. With a monthly e-newsletter for family caregivers, you can connect with families and build name recognition before their perceived need for your services. You can also offer a free subscription to family members who are “just calling”. Keep your warm leads engaged and build brand loyalty by putting your brand in their in box once a month. Organizations that license the online directory of services have the added bonus of being able to provide useful, bookmarkable resources for key professional referrers.
  • Active marketing for home health.
    “Looking for elder care resources? We can help.
    Go to www.ElderPages[YourCommunity].com”

    Your e-newsletter, and the archives of past issues, serve as a treasure trove of information. In addition, research shows that family caregivers are seeking support services, but they do not know how to find them. Boomer daughters and sons tend to turn to the Internet. With the online directory, you are well-positioned to be bookmarked and become the go-to web resource in your local service area. You build brand loyalty and increase name recognition, generating leads among viewers who might not be aware of you and your services.
  • Active marketing for care managers.
    “Looking for elder care resources? We can help.
    Go to AgingWellYourCommunity.com

    Your intended audience is obviously your professional referrers, but also families across the care continuum. Especially with the Community Programs page, you can market your resources as the yellow pages of elder care.
  • Passive marketing.
    If your preference is to simply have an e-newsletter with no integrated marketing plans, you can still drive traffic to your page with an inexpensive, links-driven campaign. We already optimize the template to maximize your site’s visibility in the search engines. With relatively little effort, you can boost viewership by putting links to your e-newsletter on your company website and in employee emails. You can increase traffic with strategic links to your resources placed on the websites of allied businesses who also target family caregivers. (They are usually quite happy to let their viewers know about your educational offerings, and are especially open if you have listed them in the online directory.) As an added plus, every link from another website to yours will increase your standing in the search engines as Google and others give you points for every “incoming” link you have. For those planning a link-based campaign, we can create an exclusive web address for you at www.elderpagesnewsletter.org/[yourcommunity].