Private Duty Marketing with Online Resources

Reach Boomer daughters and sons
your key decision-makers

Private duty marketing is entirely different from marketing a home health or hospice agency. So says Stephen Tweed, Senior Consultant at Leading Home Care, a national consulting firm for the private duty industry. The private duty branch of Home Health agencies often lose money because they do not understand the entrepreneural mindset. Their expertise is in the Medicare paradigm, but private duty is entirely different.


Experienced marketers in private duty know that it is the family members—the Boomer daughters and sons—who often make the decision about which company to hire.


According to the AARP, family caregivers turn to the Internet for answers, before they turn to the doctor or their friends.


Meet them where they are going: online!


With branded, online educational resources you increase your visibility on the Internet and connect with families who don't even know what a private duty service is. Plus, you can use the materials for networking with your professional referrers. They will love the practical, bookmarkable information available at their fingertips any time of night or day.

Expand your reach with an integrated marketing campaign:

"Concerned about the safety of an aging parent? We can help.
Go to[yourcommunity]."

The Internet offers countless opportunities to increase your visibility: from e-newsletters and online directories, to search engine strategies, and reciprocal linking campaigns.

Keep your warm leads engaged. Now every caller can be offered a free subscription to your e-newsletter for family caregivers. Once a month, your brand appears in their inbox, positioning you as THE local expert on family caregiving. We make it easy by offering web-based information on key elder care topics.

These online resources will also be attractive to the professionals who refer to you. According to Stephen Tweed, it is the skilled nursing facilities, geriatric care managers and elder law attorneys who tend to refer the clients with the highest average revenue per week. Build brand loyalty by offering them useful, online resources they will bookmark and use again and again. They can even use your branded materials as on-demand patient education and referral information. Every page they print and hand to a client has your name and logo on it.

You receive an area exclusive.
None of your local competitors can license this service.

Below are some private duty marketing ideas for using our brandable Web resources to promote your service:

To elder care professionals

To the community

To the media

Find the reporter on the senior beat. These are busy professionals, but you have something to offer that is more than private duty marketing. Your online resources will make their lives easier and provide a robust resource for their readers. Give them a tour of the site, in particular:

Using paid advertising

Take advantage of the non-commercial web address and promotional campaign:

"Concerned about the safety of an aging parent? We can help.
Go to[yourcommunity]."

Ideas for marketing home health via paid advertising include:

Using the Internet itself