Home Care Marketing with Web Resources

Marketing private duty services using the Internet

Family caregivers are searching the Internet for information. These adult daughters and sons are key decision-makers and often the ones to call you first.


Meet them where they are going—online!


You receive an area exclusive at KeepMomAtHome.org, paving the way for a campaign:


"Concerned about the safety of an aging parent? We can help.
Go to www.KeepMomAtHome.org/[yourcommunity]."

By offering Web resources that make their life easier, you

Wanting to network with professionals? The same principles apply. If you can make their life easier with online resources, they will bond with you and even better, pass along your resources to others. (Every page they see and print has your name, logo, colors, and contact information. Viral marketing at its best!).

Discharge planners, doctors and other care providers are much more willing to give their clients a brochure about your educational resources than they are a commercial brochure directly marketing home care or geriatric care management services.

With an online directory of local programs

With a branded educational e-newsletter

We do the writing and handle the technology. You add local content if and as you have time.

Let your support for your community shine through, and drive traffic to your doorstep at the same time!

You receive an area exclusive.
None of your local competitors can license these resources.

Below are some home care marketing ideas for using our brandable Web resources to promote your service:

To elder care professionals

To the community

To the media

Find the reporter on the senior beat. These are busy professionals, but you have something to offer that is more than home care marketing. Your online resources will make their lives easier and provide a robust resource for their readers. Give them a tour of the site, in particular:

Using paid advertising

Take advantage of the non-commercial web address and promotional campaign:

"Concerned about the safety of an aging parent? We can help.
Go to KeepMomAtHome.org/[yourcommunity]."

Ideas for marketing home care via paid advertising include:

Using the Internet itself