Marketing Care Management

Marketing Care Management

Reach families. Network with referrers

You are an expert in your field. But who has time to become an expert in Internet marketing? That’s where we come in. With our products and services you

  • save time
  • build brand loyalty
  • distinguish yourself from your competition
  • develop a reputation as the local expert in family caregiving

You receive digital resources branded with your name, logo, and colors. You can provide families and your referrers access to evidence-based education and referral information written in a warm, friendly and compassionate tone.

You become known as a thought leader in your community. We can help you with:

  • A monthly newsletter to put your brand in front of families on a regular basis. We give you three fresh articles a month. You add local content when you have time. You receive a printable .pdf version of the newsletter so you can leave it with your referrers, pass out at health fairs, or include in your monthly billings as part of a customer retention program. Add an email component and your brand will arrive monthly in each subscriber’s inbox. This is a great way to extend the effectiveness of a public presentation.
  • A branded, chronic care e-library of 50+ pages covering topics of concern to family caregivers. Generate leads through online educational resources. Families will find your content useful and informative. Referrers will find it a practical way to access and print client education materials. Consider this a companion site to your company webpage.

With the e-newsletter and e-library, you receive an area exclusive. None of your local competitors can license our materials. As one client says, “I get to rent a researcher.” Our job is to make your job easier, with content marketing materials that highlight your expertise.

Give us a call to see if your territory is still available: (707) 477-0700 (Pacific)