Integrated Campaign

Integrated Campaign

Drive traffic to your site for better quality leads

The job of your branded, educational resources is to generate qualified leads. By offering information that is of interest to families, and useful for your referrers, you garner attention and develop a reputation as a thought leader in your community.

While you will get some traffic and attention just by putting good content up on the Internet, numbers are not the only criteria for success. Roughly half of the visitors to your site will get there using a search engine. However, these visitors do not tend to stay very long.

The website visitors who will stay the longest and are most likely to engage with you are those who hear about your site through print materials or word of mouth. These are your qualified leads or prospects.

You have a surprising amount of control over the number of qualified visitors coming to your site. Our elder care clients who specifically promote their online resources have three and four times the number of visitors each month compared with our clients who just let their website passively attract viewers. Moreover, the visitors who come from promotional endeavors stay on the website two to five times longer than those who come from a search result.

Imagine paying for two minutes, four minutes, or eight minutes of television time. That would be very expensive! Plus, the price of your media purchase would include viewers that simply are not interested in your services. Our educational online resources, however, allow you to capture the extended time and attention of people specifically interested in elder care.

Drive high quality traffic to your branded resources with these integrated marketing tools:

  • A print version of the e-newsletter. Take our content, with any local articles you have added, and create a pdf file for use on your own printer. Print as many copies as you like. (You can even print from our extensive archive of past issues.) Leave print versions of the e-newsletter at your referrers’ offices, include it in monthly mailings, hand it out at health fairs. You can even create branded, one-page single-topic handouts for patient/client/family education. With the printready feature, your e-newsletter serves dual duty, giving you both print and Internet collateral for your content marketing campaign.
  • A trifold brochure promoting your resources. Discharge planners are far more willing to put a brochure about educational resources in their discharge packets than they are a brochure about your commercial services. Similarly, doctors and other referrers will hand out a brochure about your e-library for families before they will hand out a brochure about your business. Make it easy for them to pass on your brand and contact information. We put your name, logo, and colors on a brochure template and give you a pdf file you can use to print out as many brochures as you wish.
  • A PowerPoint presentation on local resources for family caregivers. (Large file; many graphics) You are not likely to be invited to talk about your business to a community organization. But you can get in front of numerous groups if you deliver a talk about family caregivers. Any organization with a large middle-age membership is likely to have members who are dealing with elder care issues. There are professional groups that are also interested in family caregiving information: elder law attorneys, human resource directors, faith leaders, and, of course, other senior service providers. We brand this 30-slide PowerPoint file with your name, logo, and screenshots of your site. Included in the presentation are statistics (with references) concerning the plight of family caregivers. The slides then go on to display your online directory of community programs, your e-newsletter, and other useful articles from your e-library. The presentation becomes an offline tour of your Internet offerings. Your talk empowers the audience to find local resources while it simultaneously drives traffic to your site.

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