Home Care Marketing

Home Care Marketing with Web Resources

Stand out from the competition

Home care marketing is a challenge. The industry is growing exponentially. As a result, it’s difficult to distinguish your company from all the others, especially if you are the new kid on the block.

You need a unique identifier. Whether you are new to home care, or an established business, you need a reason for people to notice you above all your competitors.

Position yourself as the knowledgeable provider, the one committed to education. This helps you stand out from the crowd.

  • Families will appreciate your desire to educate as well as serve.
  • Potential and current employees will appreciate your willingness to help them learn.
  • Plus, your educational content-marketing campaign can make your website the one your referrers look to when they have clients with elder care concerns.

Use these Web resources as your company website, or as a content-marketing sister site that helps you get your foot in the door with educational materials.

You receive an area exclusive. None of your local competitors can use our resources.

Grow relationships with business referrers
Home care marketing involves marketing to consumers (usually the adult children) and marketing to business professionals who have clients in need of your services.

With content marketing, you can promote your home care business through educational resources that help your referrers in their daily work life. (The e-library even has the option of including pages where you describe how you can help these referrers.) For instance:

  • Discharge planners are worried about the 30-day readmission penalties. The e-library gives you articles they can print out on Preventing Hospitalization, as well as Managing Medications, and avoiding crises with CHF and COPD, two of the top readmission diagnoses.
  • Lawyers, care managers and other trusted family advisors have deep relationships with their clients. They are often faced with distressed clients who have elder care issues that are right up your alley to address. By providing 24/7 educational articles on topics such as seniors and driving, or family conflict, you make the advisor look well-informed to their client. Plus, any page that gets printed and passed along has your name, logo and contact information. Viral marketing at its best! As an added bonus, families that are referred by a trusted advisor are of the income level to be able to afford your services, more often and for longer, than families coming from referral sources dealing more with the general public.
  • Bank trust officers. These professionals get paid a commission for every new client they bring in. As a result, their focus is on cultivating new relationships. For existing clients, they want a home care partner that they can count on to handle any problems that arise. Reliability is key. With bank trust officers, you can point out articles such as coping with stress and your changing role to demonstrate that you are a knowledgeable resources, head and shoulders above the others in your understanding and ability to calm upset family members.

Cultivate in-coming links

Did you know that 25% of people will get to your website via a link from another site? The Local Resources page on the e-library can help you network with your referrers. You enter their company name, phone and address, and put a link to their company website. Then you call them and tell them about your e-library for family caregivers. Mention that you have them listed and see if they would be willing to put a link to your e-library. (That’s different than putting a link to your business which they may interpret as endorsing you. It may be too early in your relationship for a direct service connection.) By emphasizing the educational aspect of your Web presence (content-marketing), you will likely find that more doors open, especially for getting links on other sites.

By the way, did you know that the more in-coming links you have, the higher your website goes on search engine results pages? You get a double-win by giving your referrers a reason to link to your site!

Make better use of literature racks
According to the Benchmark study by Home Care Pulse, leaving brochures in the literature rack of referring professionals is one of the most popular home care marketing referral strategies. Their clients are the same decision-makers as yours.

You can certainly put your commercial brochures in these racks. But home care marketing guru Stephen Tweed of Private Duty Today recommends that you put “Keepers.” These are educational references that adult children will keep on hand much longer than a service brochure. Consider these options:

  • The print version of the newsletter. Print these and it gives you an excuse to come by the office each month to give them a fresh set.
  • A one-page handout made from articles in the newsletter. Pick a topic: dementia, stress management, tax breaks for family caregivers. You can use any of the articles in the newsletter archives and make a branded patient education handout with your name, logo and colors in the header.
  • A trifold brochure about your educational resources. Some people may not be ready for services just yet. But they are looking for elder care information and support. Driving this pre-service audience to your brand is a great way to introduce them early to your company and begin the process of name recognition and brand loyalty.

Create added value for your employees
Finding, training and keeping good caregivers is increasingly difficult. The e-library serves as excellent training and orientation materials for new employees. It helps you convey a culture of learning. All articles are written to the middle-school level. And because it’s mobile optimized, your caregivers with smartphones can refer to it in the field when they have a question.

The monthly newsletter lets you provide on-going education to your caregiving staff. Include the print version with their checks, or email them the digital version. Either way, you make it clear that you are committed to their professional development.

Reach out to family members
Your home care marketing strategy needs to speak to adult children, especially adult daughters. These are the decision-makers when it comes to home care services.

Content marketing allows you to reach them even before they need you so you can establish a relationship of trust and build brand loyalty. Our e-library, for instance, covers topics of concern to family caregivers:

With our newsletter, you arrive in their inbox once a month, building name recognition and brand loyalty. Adult children come to think of you as their ally, the go-to company that really understands their needs. You receive three fresh articles a month. If you have an article you’d like to add, great. You can do so easily using our Word Press content management system. But if you are too busy to write, no problem. The three articles each month are plenty. The newsletter can go on auto-pilot.

Improve your Inquiry-to-Admission Ratio
80% of clients who consent to an assessment sign on for home care services. Unfortunately, less than 40% of inquiries result in an assessment. Perhaps the caller isn’t quite yet ready for services. Or he or she is shopping around and didn’t find anything special or different about your offerings.

With the newsletter you can:

  • Demonstrate your unique commitment to education. If a caller is not quite ready to schedule an assessment, offer to send them your educational newsletter for family caregivers as a thank you for calling.
  • Bring a print version of the current newsletter to the assessment visit. Not only does it showcase your understanding of elder care issues, it’s more likely to be saved than sales information. Moreover, its something they might share with a caregiving friend who IS ready for services.
  • Deliver your brand in their inbox once a month by offering prospective clients a free subscription to the email version of your newsletter. This reinforces your expertise on a monthly basis and keeps you top of mind until such time as they are ready to purchase services.

Give prospective clients a brochure about your e-library for family caregivers

You can shamelessly promote your educational offerings! After all, your home care marketing campaign is actually a gift you are giving to the community. You can speak with compassion about the difficulties family caregivers face. You know they have a tough row to hoe. Your e-library is your way of supporting these family caregivers: a 24/7 resource to help them in their caregiving role.

Increase customer satisfaction and retention
It costs more money to gain a new client than it does to keep an existing one. A key component of your home care marketing campaign is to retain your existing clients. The best way to do this is to keep them happy with your services and provide extra value above and beyond what your competition does. Many of our customers, for instance, include the newsletter with their monthly invoices. It shows that they go the extra mile, and also gives that “spoonful of sugar” when its time to pay the bill.

Promote word-of-mouth referrals
Some of your best referrals will come from existing clients. This is yet another reason to keep them happy! By offering educational resources, for instance the e-library, you give your existing clients yet another way to point their friends in your direction. (Many of our clients use the e-library as their company website exactly for this reason!) The print version of the newsletter also gives existing customers something easy they can pass to a friend. For example, you may have an article one month that exactly fits the concern a friend was talking about with your client (or your client’s adult children). They can easily forward the pdf to the friend, or pass along the hard copy version.