Branded “E-Library” for Hospices

Branded “E-Library” for Hospice

Use content marketing to connect with family caregivers

Hospice marketing professionals understand that the Internet is the medium of the 21st century and is key to driving traffic to your door. In fact: 

  • 25% of viewers will arrive from a link on another site.
  • 25% of viewers will arrive by directly typing in your web address (typically from something they heard or read).
  • 50% of viewers will arrive at your website as a result of a search engine search (usually Google, MSN or Yahoo).

We make it easy to reach families earlier in the process. With strong educational content, you can gain in-coming lnks and promote your company by offering the community an e-library rich in the caregiving content families are searching for. Topics include:

  • basic caregiving and medical concerns.
  • emotional-spiritual issues.
  • important financial and legal decisions.

Increase your exposure via Google with an online directory of local resources.

License an exclusive 60+ page “e-library” with your name, logo, and colors. We brand our plug-and-play web template with your graphics and local information. You receive numerous interactive links to connect viewers to you, your service, and your strategic goals:

  • HIPAA-compliant online referral forms
  • “Ask the Expert”
  • “Share your Story”
  • Online donation capability

We write all the articles and provide links to national resources. We even provide a section with professional development resources to help you network with physicians. You add your local information if/as you have time.

None of your competitors can license this online marketing tool. You reserve a territory, with a unique web address at (e.g.,, paving the way for a marketing campaign geared to the pre-hospice audience:

“Caring for someone who is seriously ill? We can help. Go to[yourcommunity].”

Build name recognition with a “Hospice Lite” approach to marketing. A companion educational website allows you to reach people who would never type “Mom” and “hospice” in the same sentence. (Active hospice seekers will find your company website. But families who are “pre-hospice” can now gain exposure to you, your brand, and your services through the content of your exclusive e-library.)

Referrers are also happy to promote your e-library. With your company brochure or website, referrers may be hesitant to pass on your commercial collateral. With content marketing, however, you give them resources they are glad to pass along to clients. Every page they see or print has your name, logo and contact information. You make their work easier AND they spread the word about you. Viral marketing at its best!

Distinguish your hospice from the competition.

Check out our demonstration template.

Then give us a call to see if your territory is still available: 707-477-0700