Branded Chronic Care “E-Library”

Branded, Chronic Care E-Library

Content marketing for elder care professionals

If you are in charge of marketing for geriatric care managers, home care, or home health, then you know the challenges of reaching families and distinguishing your services.

We help you highlight your ability to reduce hospital re-admits and ease transitions of care with educational materials on the high-readmit diagnoses of

Educate your community and market your brand all at the same time.

With the chronic care e-library, you receive an area exclusive, meaning none of your local competitors can license our 50+ pages of educational and referral information specifically addressing the worries of your clients and potential clients: 

  • Staying independent
  • Preventing falls
  • Managing medications
  • Dealing with dementia

Your name, logo, and colors are branded onto our template, which includes articles for Boomer daughters and sons about

  • the changing role for adult children
  • coping with stress
  • dealing with family
  • finding help

The e-library can also include

  • HIPAA-compliant online referral forms
  • an online directory of community programs useful for networking with your referrers
  • a “Share your Story” feature
  • a monthly e-newsletter with the option of creating a print version as well

You receive a built-in campaign:
“Looking for elder care resources? We can help. Go to[yourcommunity].”

Network with referrers by promoting your 24/7 Web resources as on-demand client education materials for them. Every page they view, print and pass along has your name, logo, and contact information. Viral marketing at its best!

If you are looking for a unique way to promote your business, check out our sample e-library.

Then give us a call to see if your territory is still available.

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