Erica Srinivasan


Erica is the lead researcher at Elder Pages Online. She is responsible for surveying the literature, collecting pertinent research articles, and presenting a digest of key points to be covered in the "For Professionals" section of In addition to literature reviews, Erica scours the Internet to find new, credible and interesting resources to help physicians, discharge planners, and long-term care professionals access practical, evidence-based online resources.

Erica completed her doctoral degree in Human Development and Family Sciences at Oregon State University, where she teaches classes on death and dying, and on adult development and aging, as well as contributing to research on the OSU Wisdom Project. Her dissertation focused on the bereavement experience of family members following a death under Oregon's Death with Dignity Act. Erica is the recipient of numerous honors and awards, including the Peterson Visiting Scholar position in Gerontology and Family Studies, the Oregon Retired Educators Association scholarship, and the Josephine Zimmerman Gerontology Fellowship.

In her personal life, Erica has been a hospice volunteer since 2002. She also served in the Peace Corps in Uzbekistan.