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We make Internet marketing easy!

Our mission is to help elder care professionals make better use of the Internet to connect with the family caregivers who desperately need their services. We offer online products that speak to Boomer daughters and sons, while also giving you valuable Internet resources so you can network and distinguish yourselves with your professional referrers.

Elder Pages Online traces its roots to discussions in 2001 at a Rallying Points meeting where community end-of-life coalitions were requesting a simple way to create a meaningful online resource for caregivers and a networking tool for outreach to professionals. As a response to that community need, Tasha Beauchamp created “Let’s Collaborate!”

The initial focus on hospice. At that time, Tasha was working as a research scientist on very large multimedia interventions for family caregivers that were funded by the National Institute on Aging. In her personal life, she was working as a hospice volunteer. She noticed a significant disconnect between these two worlds. It was obvious that hospices were not using the Internet as effectively as they might. The kind of projects NIA was funding were far too expensive and too technically complicated. What hospices needed was an affordable and easy-to-use method for leveraging the unique strengths of the Internet: its searchability and its interactivity.

Our first product. The 60-page Web template at seriousillness.org was Tasha’s answer for affordable hospice marketing online. She used her research background and hospice experience to create an “e-library” of topics known to be of concern to family caregivers. This virtually plug-and-play educational website was designed to be a companion to the hospice’s business site. With its name, logo, and colors branded on each page, a hospice could have more than 6,000 caregiving keywords available, serving as a Google magnet for families who are searching for caregiving information. Furthermore, the template could provide an affordable way to incorporate strategic interactive features such as “Ask a Question,” secure online referral forms, and online donation capability. With this turn-key website, a hospice can garner a strong Internet presence in one month or less.

More than end-of-life care. It takes a village to care for an elder, and families need help sooner in the disease trajectory. In turn, professionals along the care continuum are seeking innovative ways to make those connections with families, and with referring professionals. Responding to client requests, therefore, Let’s Collaborate! became Elder Pages Online and expanded its product line to include amonthly e-newsletter for family caregivers. Focusing on topics related to general elder care, we created this product so home health agenciesprivate dutyhome care providersgeriatric care management, and hospices could deliver their brand to families and referrers every month. Every four weeks, we upload three fresh, well-researched elder care articles onto a newsletter webpage branded with the organization’s name, logo, and colors. The e-newsletter template enables clients to add local content if they want, or let it autopilot if they don’t have time or local events to promote.

The future. The Web is always changing. And so is health care. As we strive to make it easy to use the Internet, we are constantly looking for ways to leverage this new medium to improve our clients’ ability to make connections with families and professionals. We also keep track of new developments in the caregiving literature, with an eye toward creative opportunities to bring them to real-world application. Visit often in the coming months to look for new possible products and services: Surveys? Webinars? Mobile apps? Ways to collaborate across the care continuum? Let us know your thoughts or preferences. We’re here to make your life easier!

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If you have questions about Internet marketing, email Tasha (tasha@elderpagesonline.com) or give us a call: 707-477-0700, Pacific time. We’d be glad to talk with you further!